MWH nets Qatar Integrated Drainage Master project

Public Works Authority appoints MWH to develop water resource planning

MWH has been appointed byv the Qatar Public Works Authority to develop a wet infrastructure plan for the State.
MWH has been appointed byv the Qatar Public Works Authority to develop a wet infrastructure plan for the State.

MWH Global has been appointed by the Public Works Authority of Qatar (Ashghal) to develop an Integrated Drainage Master Plan for the State of Qatar. The Master Plan will provide an integrated decision framework for future investment into water and wastewater treatment, groundwater management, surface water and treated wastewater effluent infrastructure for the next 50 years.

The completed master plan will be a world-class, updatable tool that will allow the Public Works Authority (PWA) to examine, interrogate and plan future wet infrastructure investment, while taking into account the ever changing demographics and wet infrastructure needs within Qatar.

Ian Hutchinson, Middle East Operations Director for MWH said, “This win is the result of a fantastic global team effort, the Qatar master plan gives MWH the opportunity to showcase its experience and value at the planning stage of water resource projects where it can really make the greatest difference in the development of a country’s infrastructure.”

A core driver is PWA’s objective to embrace an integrated water management approach that brings together the planning and implementation of all water streams to create a state-of-the-art, sustainable infrastructure system upon which Qatar can continue to grow and prosper. The Master Plan will align itself with the main pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and will study the whole water cycle in Qatar, bringing best global practice in sustainable water resources planning and management by working closely with major stakeholders in order to maximise water conservation and minimise wastage through an integrated approach to its management.

The project team will work closely with all stakeholders, from both the public and private sectors to consider Qatar’s short and long-term growth such that the wet infrastructure can be planned with confidence and certainty yet flexible enough to support mega events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The plan will be the blueprint for striving towards providing the highest level of service 100% of the time, a key element of the customer charter.

MWH will also train and transfer all knowledge of the project to PWA staff including the use of the IT related tools so that updates to the Master Plan may be carried out periodically as and when required by PWA staff.

The master plan study will be completed in 24 months. At a formative stage of the project PWA and MWH will investigate, study and implement various initiatives that will produce immediate and tangible benefits to the community.



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