Alstom awarded $77.7 million hydro refurb job

Brazilian refurbishment job will extend plant lifecycle by 30 years

Many of Brazil's Hydro Plants are over 30 years old. (GETTY IMAGES)
Many of Brazil's Hydro Plants are over 30 years old. (GETTY IMAGES)

Alstom has signed a hydro plant refurbish contract in Brazil worth US$77.7 million.

Alstom is the leader of a consortium, including Orteng and Camargo Correa, selected by Cemig (Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais) to refurbish the São Simão hydro plant, Cemig’s most powerful facility, located in Paranaíba river, between Goiás and Minas Gerais States. The consortium will be responsible to refurbish the generation and transmission equipment.

Approximately 30% of the hydro plants in Brazil have been operating for over 30 years, which can generate a significant refurbishment market. São Simão with 6 generating units and an output of 1710 MW in power generation, started its operations in 1978.

Alstom will be responsible for the refurbishment of turbines, speed governors and generators, and replacement of the excitation system. The company will also achieve supervision, commissioning and supply of the transformer and instrumentation. Orteng takes charge for engineering, integration and supply of auxiliary electrical equipment, as well as supervision and commissioning. Camargo Correa will revamp hydromechanical equipment as well as dismounting and erection.

The project will be completed by 2018 and will improve São Simão’s lifecycle in at least 30 years.

“Brazil has an important market to be explored in refurbishment of hydro plants. Together with investments in new plants, we need to reinforce the capability of the plants that we already have and could produce more energy using systems and products updated”, says Philippe Delleur, President of Alstom Brazil.

Alstom holds almost 40% of Brazil’s power generation market.



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