FANR and Khalifa University in research agreement

Nuclear safety research and education will be partnership's focus

FANR and Khalifa University sign research agreement.
FANR and Khalifa University sign research agreement.

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) and Khalifa University signed an agreement in Abu Dhabi today focussing on joint work in establishing nuclear safety research and educating the UAE’s future nuclear workforce.
Under this Memorandum of Understanding, the two entities will co-operate in research and development programmes for nuclear safety, in training personnel, in organising events that will support capacity building and knowledge transfer, and in exchanging information on emerging issues or incidents at nuclear facilities.
They will also co-operate in meeting the UAE’s safeguards obligations under its agreements with the IAEA, such as timely access by IAEA inspectors to Khalifa University facilities.
The UAE Nuclear Policy issued in 2008, also known as the White Paper, identifies continued education and training as a cornerstone of the critical infrastructure necessary to sustain a nuclear power programme. Thus, Khalifa University is an ideal capacity-building body to supply the nuclear programme with skilled Emiratis.
The Federal Law by Decree No (6) of 2009 Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy identifies FANR as the responsible authority for the regulation, licensing, inspection and general oversight of nuclear facilities in the UAE, including the facilities at Khalifa University that will conduct Regulated Activities as defined by this Law.
“This agreement shows FANR’s commitment to following Government policy,” said Christer Viktorsson, FANR Deputy Director General for Operations, during the signing ceremony.
“Both FANR and Khalifa University will benefit from the university’s research activities and the laboratories.”
Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President of Khalifa University also emphasised the importance of this co-operation between the two parties.
“At Khalifa University, we are rapidly becoming a leading centre of international expertise on nuclear safety issues,” he said. “We have taken an active role in collaborating with FANR on regulatory affairs. We are delighted that our work supports our mutual objectives.”


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