SEWA hands Elster 30,000 meter deal

Firm will supply volumetric water meters to Sharjah utility

SEWA has awarded 30,000 water meter contract to Elster. (Getty Images)
SEWA has awarded 30,000 water meter contract to Elster. (Getty Images)

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) has awarded a water-metering contract to Elster, which will supply more than 30,000 V100 volumetric water meters.
Demand for power and water has risen steeply across the Gulf region following a boom in the economy, and related construction activity. SEWA now supplies electricity, water and natural gas to over 300,000 customers in Sharjah.
Continued development of desalination plants and well fields in recent years has seen total water production in the area amount to more than 32,037m gallons – an average of 87.8m gallons a day.
Elster is one of the world's largest electricity, gas and water measurement and control providers. Its V100 volumetric water meter is available in sizes from 15mm to 40mm, and provides “optimum accuracy and performance” in accordance with international ISO 4064 standards.
“The V100 range offers very high accuracy in any position. We are delighted to be working with SEWA to supply these meters," said Gary Vincent, regional GM for Elster's water-metering business.
Elster has sold more than 200m metering devices in more than 130 countries in the last ten years. With increases in power demands of up to 9% a year within the emirate, SEWA recently announced plans to raise at least $2.72 bn to extend supplies there.
Bidding for contracts to construct a new Sharjah power plant, which will also involve increasing the desalination capacity to over 545,000m3/day, will close later this month on 18 November.


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