Tie-up for Scotland and Masdar?

Scottish First Minister looks to Masdar to develop green tech

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond says Masdar could help develop low-carbon tech for Scotland. (Getty Images)
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond says Masdar could help develop low-carbon tech for Scotland. (Getty Images)

The First Minister of Scotland, Mr Alex Salmond, has visited Masdar and said that it could be a future hub for further developing Scottish low carbon technology.
Speaking at Masdar Mr Salmond said: “Masdar is a valuable initiative from which we can all benefit. As countries around the world look to develop more energy sustainable economies we need investment and commitment to education, thought leadership and research and development in the renewable energy sector. Scotland has much to gain from what Masdar can teach us, both now and in the future. “
Scotland has a commitment to produce 100 percent of its energy requirements by 2020. It aims to generate twice as much energy as Scotland needs, just over half of it from renewables, and just under half from other conventional sources. Scotland will therefore become a net exporter of electricity, exporting as much electricity as it consumes.
Consequently Scotland has become a world renewable energy champion and is continuing to play a major role in driving the global adoption of renewable sources of power, innovations in grid technology and research and development in wind turbine development.
Mr Salmond added: “The innovative work being undertaken here at Masdar is further indication that other nations are recognising the need to move to preserve the quality of the natural environment, which is one of the major global concerns facing us today and one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century.
He concluded: “As the world moves towards a low-carbon economy, there is mutual benefit to be had from working in collaboration to create these technologies. The emergence of the renewable energy sector in the UAE will bring with it a new spectrum of employment opportunity and technology sharing and I look forward to Scotland playing an active part in this knowledge transfer.”
During his visit, the First Minister met with senior Masdar officials including: Dr Sultan Al Jaber, CEO, who commented: “We are pleased to welcome First Minister Salmond to Masdar, to showcase the work we are doing to a broader audience and explore areas for possible collaboration. As a leading player in both the UAE and the wider clean tech market, we are eager to work with other like minded countries such as Scotland to raise awareness and develop solutions to mitigate climate change.”


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