Siemens signs Qatari low-voltage deal

Deal signed with AALCO contracting division for LV components

Siemens signe low-voltage deal in Qatar.
Siemens signe low-voltage deal in Qatar.

Siemens has entered into a new deal with Al-Ajjaj Limited Company (AALCO), signed by Rubiah Mohd Ajjaj Al Kubaisi, Chairman, AALCO and Martin à Porta, CEO, Siemens WLL.

Siemens will provide stocks of low voltage components within the region through AALCO’s selling channels, enabling Siemens’ local customers to benefit from quality products of the highest levels of safety, such as circuit breakers, which are used to prevent overloads and unsafe electrical conditions.

“Siemens places great emphasis on bringing our products and services right to the door step of our customers and localisation of our selling channels remains a preference,” said Martin à Porta. “AALCO was selected after a careful analysis of applicants. Their client base in Qatar will increase the availability of Siemens’ high-demand low voltage products in Qatar.

“Maintaining a sizeable stock of low voltage products with a successful engineering company such as AALCO guarantees increased availability of Siemens products, as well as offering more competitive prices. AALCO is one of the leading and qualified ‘A’ grade electro-mechanical and civil contractors in the region.”

The low voltage components will be used by panel builders, retailers, contractors, and maintenance companies, and will utilize the highest quality raw materials, especially pure copper. Siemens uses 99 per cent pure copper and all its products come with complete third party certifications, which comply with international standards like IEC and to local standards

Mr. Al Kubaisi, Chairman of AALCO, said; “An increasing amount of investment and development is flowing into Qatar and we are proud to be able to play our part in contributing to this growth. We strive to always offer the best available quality of products to our customers and in Siemens we found a strong brand where we could place great trust in its people and level of technical support.”

Siemens WLL was established in December 2005 and manages the local activities of the company in Qatar where it holds key positions in its Energy, Industry, Infrastructure and Healthcare business. It is part of the Siemens operations in the Lower Gulf Region.



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