Google maps help ADWEA plug water leaks

Leak detection expert: open-source software can help municipalities

Leak detection can be aided by open-source software. (Getty Images)
Leak detection can be aided by open-source software. (Getty Images)

Google Maps and other open-sourced software can help the GCC’s municipalities cut down on water wastage and increase leak detection, a UAE based expert has said.
As Abu Dhabi’s municipality rolls out an ambitious emirate-wide data logging program in its water networks, Jeremy Llewellyn, CEO of Blue Gold Technology, the company running the project, says that software could be extremely useful in such surveys.
“For the Abu Dhabi project, we delivered a Google Maps system, with all our loggers located on Google Maps. So the client can log in every morning and they see where all their leak locations are, and then they send their teams out for location and repair,” he told MEP Middle East.
An initial 1,000 systems have been installed in Al Ain to provide a base for the project to launch from.
“In the first six months, we’ve been working in Al Ain mostly and there have been over 300 leaks found and repaired using the system, and that’s in a controlled area that we’re working in, because they wanted to validate the system,” he added.
Llewellyn said that the use of such software based systems could help reduce leakages by as much as 10-20 per cent.


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