Trane launches adverse conditions HVAC system

HVAC firm improves reliability and efficiency of air-cooled systems

New HVAC system to improve efficiency of air con units. (Getty Images)
New HVAC system to improve efficiency of air con units. (Getty Images)

Trane, the HVAC subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, has announced the introduction of its Adiabatic Cooling system that improves the reliability and efficiency of its air-cooled systems operating in adverse conditions.
Cooling systems that operate outside their design parameters are prone to increased breakdowns, higher energy costs and lower operational efficiency, said Trane.
The Adiabatic Cooling system would help improve heating, ventilating and air conditioning system reliability and efficiency by decreasing the temperature of the air entering the coil, the company explained.
The concept intermittently evaporates water on a large mesh in front of the coils, while preventing the water from actually reaching the coil. This causes the air temperature to drop before it reaches the condenser.
Building owners and facility managers with systems operating in adverse environments, such as extremely high ambient temperatures and regular sand or dust storms, are the target market for Trane’s new system.
The sectional mesh design of the Adiabatic Cooling system allows it to be installed in a wide range of HVAC air-cooling systems, from mini-splits to chilled water systems.
Its water spray system works with normal main pressures, a water pump or water treatment is not required. The water spray system also contains a dedicated controller to ensure minimal water consumption.


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