World-record efficiency at Siemens power plant

Optimised turbine outputs 578MW at 60.75% efficiency level

Siemens turbine reaches record efficiency levels. (Getty Images)
Siemens turbine reaches record efficiency levels. (Getty Images)

Ten years after launching the ambitious innovation program for a new generation of its H-class gas turbine, Siemens has achieved a new world record in power plant efficiency with the SGT5-8000H gas turbine at the Irsching 4 plant in Gernany.

With an output of more than 578 megawatts and an efficiency level of 60.75 per cent (net), Siemens has surpassed the targeted efficiency mark of ‘more than 60 per cent’ during the test phase, making history in the field of power plant technology.
The new Siemens gas turbine is designed for 400 megawatts in simple cycle duty and for 600 megawatts in combined cycle duty.

"These are historic dimensions and world record levels", said Michael Suess, CEO of Siemens Energy Sector. In particular with more wind and solar plants providing a steadily increasing percentage of fluctuating power infeed to the grid, rapidly reacting large-scale power plants that can compensate for weather-dependent infeed fluctuations are a decisive factor for maintaining grid stability", Suess added.

The new H class plant can react to the demands for additional or reduced output; as an example, more than 500 MW can be put online in the space of only 30 minutes and stable load gradients of 35 MW/minute can be run. "These are absolutely exceptional figures", emphasises Suess.

The performance is attributed to the interaction between innovative gas turbine technology and the key components of the overall plant, which are optimised for high temperatures and pressure.

"Our trail-blazing power plant with this gas turbine in the highest efficiency class impressively shows that climate protection and low-cost power generation using fossil fuels can go hand in hand," says Suess.

He added: "The new generation of our combined cycle power plants, for example, consumes one-third less natural gas per kilowatt-hour generated than the average for the combined cycle plants currently installed worldwide. At the same time, CO2 emissions also drop by a third".


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