Giant battery storage solution proposed by ABB

Megawatt battery similar to early eco-energy proposals for Qatar 2022

The battery storage solution developed by ABB could be a front runner to Qatar's solution for 2022.
The battery storage solution developed by ABB could be a front runner to Qatar's solution for 2022.

ABB will partner with EKZ, a leading Swiss distribution utility, on a pioneering energy storage pilot project, which will be the largest of its kind in Switzerland.

Located in Dietikon, the pilot storage facility will be integrated into the utility’s power distribution network and evaluated in key areas such as balancing peak loads, intermittent power supply, and the viability of such a solution for grid optimization.

“Storage will play a key role in the evolution of more flexible and smarter grids as we address the challenge of accommodating growing amounts of intermittent renewable energies like solar and wind power,” said Oleg Aleinikov, head of ABB's substations business, a part of the company’s Power Systems division. “We are pleased to partner EKZ on the development of this pilot battery storage project, which will provide useful insights and knowledge in this technology.”

Energy storage solutions have been touted as one of the primary methods of delivering solar-sourced electricity for the Qatar World Cup in 2022. As yet no working solution exists which could transfer day time-generated solar power to the night time air-conditioning needs of the stadiums which have been proposed.  

ABB will supply and install the one megawatt lithium-ion battery-based solution with an initial capacity to store 350-500 kWhs (kilowatt hours) of electricity providing additional power to the grid on demand. EKZ will evaluate the connection and behavior of grid-linked battery storage and monitor various operational and economic parameters. The pilot is scheduled to be energized by the end of 2011 when EKZ will take over the operations.

"This pilot will help us to evaluate battery storage as an option to ensure a secure and reliable power supply” said Peter Franken, head of energy distribution at EKZ. "Energy storage will be a focus area with the increase in distributed generation and renewables and could play an important part in the smart grid of tomorrow."



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