Indian power generation smashes monthly targets

Nuclear power plants post gains thanks to greater fuel availability

India has the fifth largest power generating capacity in the world.
India has the fifth largest power generating capacity in the world.

India's Central Electricity Authority has released figures confirming that in April the country's network of power stations smashed its electrcity generation targets.

The report, from the CEA's Operation Performance Monitoring Division reveals that the combined electricity generation in the country during April ’11 reached 71,661 MU (power generated) as against the generation target of 67,778 MU, representing an achievement of 105.73% and month’s growth rate of 6.79% against actual generation of 67,105 MU during the same month last year.

Highlights from the report include the fact nuclear generation achieved a remarkable growth rate of 50.72% due to improved availability of nuclear fuel to the nuclear plants. It was also 29.87% higher than the program for the month.

The energy generation from nuclear power stations continued to achieve remarkable achievement. During April’11, generation from nuclear plants exceeded its target by 612 MU.

Nuclear generated power reached was 2,660 MU against the target of 2,048 MU during the month, representing an achievement of 129.87% and a growth rate of 50.72% with respect to nuclear generation during same period last year.

During April ’11, the average PLF of all nuclear plants also improved to 77.28% against 53.75% achieved during same period last year. It was also better than the expected target PLF of 4 60.78%.

According to the Indian Oversees Facilitation Centre (OIFC), India has the fifth largest generation capacity in the world with an overall installed capacity of 159,398.50 mega watt (MW), which is about four per cent of global power generation, according to a recent report by Cygnus Business Consulting & Research.

Power generation projects totalling 28,000 MW are expected to become operational in the current financial year.



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