DEWA's top energy savers rewarded

Nine million kilowatt hours of electricity saved by green residents

DEWA's top energy savers rewarded at Wetex. (Getty Images)
DEWA's top energy savers rewarded at Wetex. (Getty Images)

DEWA has announced the winners of its coveted Best Consumer Awards in the residential sector, at a ceremony held in the SmarTech zone at Dubai’s WETEX exhibition last week.

Awarded to DEWA’s top consumers showing a commitment to reducing utility consumption, the entrants this year boasted a combined total of nearly six million dirhams’ worth of energy saved.

Scooping the top prize, and Dhs 10,000, was Dr Mohammed Parveen Bhanu, whose efforts to conserve resources led to a 63 per cent saving on electricity, a 43 per cent saving on water and a total net saving in utility consumption of 62 per cent.

Commenting on the awards, HE Saeed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA said: “With utility consumption rates in Dubai higher than in most other countries in the world, DEWA has developed a world-class conservation programme to educate and engage the Dubai community in initiatives that encourage people to save on utility consumption.”

“The success of the Best Consumer Awards is evidence that to secure a sustainable future for the Emirate, we must all make changes in our daily consumption habits by rationally using electricity and water,” he continued.

In total, the Best Consumer Awards 2010-2011 saves 9,053,202 Kwh of electricity, 92,018,046 lg of water and 5,431 tonnes of emissions.


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