Waste tariffs for Abu Dhabi to curb Dh1.5bn loss

Tariff system for Abu Dhabi businesses in bid to control waste costs

Abu Dhabi introduces waste tarriffs to help curb spending. (Getty Images)
Abu Dhabi introduces waste tarriffs to help curb spending. (Getty Images)

Abu Dhabi’s waste management centre has launched an initiative in an attempt to curb the Dh1.5 billion cost to the government reported every year due to inadequate waste recycling.

Aiming to reduce 80 per cent of its waste in eight years, Abu Dhabi is hoping to see a 45 per cent reduction by next year and 70 per cent in the next five, by introducing a tariff regime for waste-producing establishments in the Emirate. The system will begin on March 16.

“The initiative will encourage businesses, which generate 80 per cent of the waste in the Emirate, to reuse and recycle waste to reduce the financial loss and environmental pollution.” said Hamad Al Ameri, general manager of the Center of Waste Management.
“The Center of Waste Management is keen to ensure the creation of a safe and healthy environment for future generations by seeking to reduce environmental pollution,” he added, also emphasising that the new system is not applicable to households, responsible for just 20 per cent of the Emirate’s waste.

Abu Dhabi currently generates 4.7 million tonnes of waste annually, and the fee (initially a minimum of Dh225/tonne and a maximum of Dh50,000) charged to companies will cover just 45 per cent of the waste management costs the government pays.
Al Ameri has cited glass, wood, cardboard and fibres as materials that could all be produced from waste, adding that construction waste is widely made into raw materials for building roads and other essential infrastructure.


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