GE to help solve Pakistan's power deficit

Pakistan's largest combined-cycle plant to incorporate GE gas turbines

GE to supply gas turbines to urgently needed Pakistan power plant. (Getty Images)
GE to supply gas turbines to urgently needed Pakistan power plant. (Getty Images)

Pakistan’s government has launched a policy to replace ageing inefficient power plants with modern facilities, and GE is expected to supply gas turbines to the country’s largest 750MW combined-cycle plant.

The plant, which has been developed by the Pakistan Electric Power Company and will be built in Guddu, is expected to be the country’s most efficient, making a significant first step towards helping Pakistan meet its estimated 4500MW power deficit.
GE is to supply two Frame 9FA gas turbines and associated generators, which are expected to be shipped to the project site at the end of this year, and installed by September 2012.

The contract also includes control systems, installation services, performance testing and customer training, with the plane due to be operational by mid-2013.

“Bringing efficient, advanced power generation technology to regions of the world where more electricity is urgently needed is a key mission and growth strategy for our company,” said Ricardo Cordoba, president of GE Energy Western Europe, North Africa and Pakistan.

“Our F-class technology, proven in applications around the world, will supply reliable power to support Pakistan’s economic growth and help improve the daily lives of its citizens.”


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