DEWA's Al Tayer meets Lord Mayor of London

Al Tayer calls for British companies to participate in DEWA's tenders

Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of London and DEWA CEO, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer.
Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of London and DEWA CEO, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer MD and CEO of DEWA received at his office Lord Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of the city of London, who was accompanied by a high-level delegation from the UK.

The delegation consisted Guy Warrington, Her Majesty's Consul General – British Embassy, Fiona Woolf, CBE - Aldermanic Sheriff,  Wayne Evans, director of Overseas Strategy – The City UK, Edward Farquharson Infrastructure UK (PPP), Bashir Siman UKTI special representative for Financial Services, Mohammed AlBastaki - UK Trade & Investment Attaché – British Embassy, Adil Khan - UK Trade & Investment Advisor – British Embassy, Sanjay Odedra, Lord Mayor’s press officer, and other Members of the delegation representing 17 UK Companies.

The meeting was attended by Nejib Zafraani , secretary general of Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy, and Waleed Salman , acting vice president – Strategy and Business Development, as well as a number of DEWA’s EVP’s and other top officials.

Al Tayer welcomed the UK delegation stressing the importance of such meetings in exchanging knowledge and expertise in all fields. In his capacity as the vice chairman of Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy (SCE), Al Tayer outlined the general framework of SCE’ strategy, which is focused on securing uninterrupted supplies of energy as well as the most important initiatives taken by the Council so as to satisfy the growing demand for energy and diversify them.

Al Tayer also pointed out the efficiency upon which DEWA is based in all its projects and operations referring to the fact that there are major projects under-construction that are intended to raise the efficiency of existing power stations to 400 MW.

He briefed the UK delegation on the international performance indicators and high-level benchmarks where DEWA attains top marksin areas such as generation efficiency, Power T&D losses, and customer minutes loss of electricity.

The DEWA CEO called upon British companies to invest in independent projects of desalinated water and electricity production.

Nejib Zafraani briefed the delegation on the SCE, as well as its responsibilities and accomplishments. Salman gave the delegation a spoke about DEWA’s efforts in clean energy, the Independent Product Programme in Dubai, the initiative of Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE), and applying the latest world technologies in all DEWA’s operations and projects.

The two sides discussed ways of coordination and collaboration among all the concerned authorities in terms of financing and financial services. both in Britain and at DEWA in Dubai so as to utilise the best expertise and practices from the UK.

Al Tayer emphasised the importance of mutual and common collaboration between DEWA and the Municipality of London in energy-related fields, working on developing it the relationship, utilising the best eservices from both sides. He also called for British companies to participate in DEWA’s tenders which cover many fields.


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