UAE’s Utico faces stiff competition for Hyflux assets as Chinese investor picks interest
Singapore's Hyflux is in talks with at least seven investors for a potential cash infusion, and plans to enter into a binding term sheet with one of them by mid-June
Morocco set to open up medium voltage PV market
PV magazine reports that a move to the medium voltage grid will prove a game changer, with most big electricity consumers connected to that network
Almajdouie to support Saudi Arabia’s wind energy projects
Almajdouie Logistics has invested in new trailers to support Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy expansion
Renewable energy provides employment to 11 million People worldwide
As more and more countries manufacture, trade and install renewable energy technologies, renewables jobs grew to their highest level despite slower growth in key renewable energy markets including China
Fiat Chrysler, Enel and Engie sign EV charge point deal
Fiat Chrysler aims to offer private and public charging stations to support the sales of its soon-to-be-launched fully electric Fiat 500 BEV and plug-in hybrid Jeep Renegade PHEV
Lead batteries poised to support electric vehicle charging stations
A grant will fund a detailed plan for the set-up and construction of EV charging stations with advanced lead storage at the selected demonstration sites

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Apr 15, 2019
Solar-powered reverse osmosis desalination is expected to become the new trend in Dubai’s water production as the emirate moves to meet its renewable energy targets