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Saudi Arabia to launch largest solar plant

by Utilities ME Staff on Oct 29, 2017

Saudi Arabia announced launching the first construction phase of the Green Duba generating power station, one of the kingdom’s mega bids for solar power. The project is said to cost some SAR 4.5 billion ($1.2 billion).

Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk region will welcome the Neom-sponsored project, alongside other projects that lift the region’s openness to alternative electricity.

The ‘Green Duba’ Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plant, will be built in the north-western part of Saudi Arabia, along the Red Sea coast, and has the capacity to generate the equivalent power needed to supply around 600,000 homes for a year.

According to a statement issued on Thursday, the project Green Duba, scheduled for completion in nine months, is characterized by integrated solar units, gas condensers, and alternative fuels.

The project will have an output capacity of over 605 Megawatts, including 50 Megawatts in renewable energy, making Tabuk a gateway to the export electric power to the world.

The implementation of the high voltage system will allow the project link north-west and north-east power outputs, reported Asharq Al Awsat.

The project is expected to enhance transport capacity between Tabuk and Madinah, in addition to invigorating economic exchange in the country’s western region and the north-west.

The generation plant consists of four 380 kV transmission lines. The first line of the Green Duba power station reaches the Tabuk Central Station, crossing over some 153 km.

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) order for the Green Duba initiative includes two highly efficient, reliable F-class gas turbines, a 7F.05 and a 7F.03; steam turbine; generators; heat recovery steam generators (HRSG); condenser; boiler feed pumps; Mark VIe distributed control system and a long-term service agreement.

In terms of fuel flexibility, GE has supplied the 7F.05 gas turbine to operate on condensate and the 7F.03 to operate on natural gas, with Arabian Super Light (ASL) crude oil as backup. GE’s F-class gas turbines are the first to offer customers the ability to operate on ASL.


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