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An App for every occasion

by Adam Lane on Oct 15, 2012

Marwan Salem bin Haider reports that DEWA customers performed 2.1 million transactions in 2011.
Marwan Salem bin Haider reports that DEWA customers performed 2.1 million transactions in 2011.

Marwan Salem bin Haider, VP and Chief Information Officer at DEWA, explains the e-service developments his organisation is launching, and the advantages they can bring for both utility and customer

From behind a desk impressively massed with the latest gadgetry, Marwan Salem bin Haider, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) Chief Information Officer, enthusiastically explains the latest eService creations.

“DEWA’s core business is to deliver electricity and water, and ultimately at the end of a month, a bill has to be paid. So far we have around 13 methods of payment, and all of our methods are listed on our website. Customers can pay through the site, with mobile payments, through banks, Etisalat machines, for example, as well as at our offices.”

DEWA’s approach to creating these payment options was to keep everything in-house – retaining control over development and final design.

“As I tell my people – it is ‘to be or not to be’. Either we will do it ourselves or we’ll never do it. We are the only government department available on so many devices, and this has all been done internally.

"We never paid even one dirham for any outsider. We have saved a fortune – hundreds of thousands of dirhams.”

The adoption of eServices has really taken off for DEWA, with 53.7% of its customer base using the online services during H1 of this year. However, there are plans to push this even higher.

“We would like to increase it as much as possible. We actually tried to get a benchmark with other countries [on eAdoption rates]. 53% is a big achievement. When you consider the 2.1 million online transactions in 2011 – that’s 2.1 million customers who avoided visits to a DEWA office. That’s huge.”

Keeping track
One of the most interesting new eServices now available allows customers to log in to DEWA’s website to track their own energy consumption. Customers are presented with an online graph that provides an easy visual medium to compare their water and electricity consumption over time.

By providing a means to track their own usage – comparing it on a monthly or yearly basis – DEWA believes that customers will be encouraged to seek ways to lower their monthly consumption.

“As they say – you cannot improve what you can’t quantify; what you can’t measure. This will, for sure, help people to see what they are doing and I can guarantee that the consumption will go down for many people. People will want to keep consumption down.

“We also don’t just show them the problem. We also provide a lot of conservation advice on how to bring consumption down. Beyond DEWA’s water pipe and meter, it’s the customer’s responsibility. It goes back to the behavior of the people who live in the house.

Usually the owner doesn’t think about these things, but now he can easily see what he is using and will know when he is paying more.”

The “eConsumption Graph” was soft-launched at the beginning of August, and with no fanfare for its launch, attracted 7,000 users within the first two weeks.

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